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taiqi.co.uk offers a unique insight into meditation abridged to the mind via learning the Tai Chi Chuan forms. Indeed, normal Tai Chi Chuan training consists of shadowing/mirroring the instructor and picking-up the basics as the student goes along. However, training via taiqi.co.uk classes is an intended mindful meditation in training (mental/physical) connection from lesson one, with a focus on mind/body in the moment-a joining-with-movements to place the practitioner into the now, or present moment. This can be scary for some people because it means letting go of the past and future whilst learning something in the moment which could confuse the psyche. Indeed, this type of instruction is focused on the union of mental health connection – whilst letting go of bodily tensions and rebuilding a metaphysical relationship, and can sometimes encourage repressed stress to the surface which was, previously, a psychic disconnection that expressed itself in mental or physical difficulties depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, physical balance or medical-unexplained-symptoms (MUS).

Relearning controlled muscle relaxation (via the forms) which synchronize the mind, body and spirit (three treasures), and all of the energies surrounding the body (breath of heaven – energy of earth), and muscle motivation falls away into a holistic meditation in movement (Chi Gong) once the forms have been learned and practiced regularly.

Tai Chi Chuan intelligence
Correct practice and instruction of Tai Chi Chuan will put the mind/body in a controlled right brain-parasympathetic state with an increase of heart rate, lung-oxygen uptake, peristaltic movement, mental activity and saliva production (these tend to be a yin left brain and sympathetic nervous system alarm responses – flight/fight/freeze), which in this case can be considered a positive energy crossover of metaphysical energy of  sympathetic/parasympathetic activity; and if taught correctly is holistically healthy, stress reducing, and well-being promoting metaphysically for the practitioner, and for a group situation that could foster a collective brain synchronization of everyone attending the group. Additionally, a group of people practicing Tai Chi Chuan tend to bond as human beings through associated  brain wave synchronization; as the Tai Chi Chuan class progresses and individuals-collective of brain’s  that link subconsciously then start to move at the same electrical frequency.

Tai Chi Chuan – Meditation – Acupuncture
Robin Guy offers a unique treatment for mental illness (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions etc), of Acupuncture, Meditation training (Buddhist) and Tai Chi Chuan instruction – email: taiqime@hotmail.com



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When the best student hears of the way 
 he/she practices it assiduously 
When the average student hears about the way 
 it seems to him/her one moment there, the next gone
When the worst student hears about the way  he/she laughs out loud
If he/she did not laugh it would be unworthy of being the way